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As the only International conference focused solely on Medicinal Probiotics, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Pharmabiotics Conferencce will be held the same time this year, again in Paris, establishing this flagship event as an annual feature. The 2015 Pharmabiotics Conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Microbiota and Gut-Brain Axis
  • Respiratory efficiency of Probiotics
  • Importance of the microbiota in the paediatric population
  • Regulatory issues surrounding Pharmabiotics​​

New Industries require new insights...

PC14 saw delegates attend from over 20 countries

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Pharmabiotics Conference in Paris. Over 140 delegates attended from more than 20 different countries and 95 different organisations.  

We are delighted to have received some fantastic feedback with 96% rating the conference as good (over 40% saying it was excellent) and 95% saying they fully meet their objectives of attending.

Furthermore, 98% of attendees said they would attend again and we are currently looking at options and dates for a follow-up event – sign up here for further details.

We, The Pharmabiotic Research Institute, would like to thank all of our event partners, sponsors and media partners who have helped us make this event a great success.

Conference delegates at Pharmabiotics Conference 2014

"Considering it was the first edition, the Pharmabiotics Conference can be regarded as an big success. Close to 150 participants, including many industry participants, held fruitful discussions during 2 days on the current and future developments in probiotics. The target was not only the academic research progress made, but the conference covered also extensively the legal side of the topic. Focus was on the medical use of probiotics, as ‘pharmabiotics’.  Most striking was the observation that while the legislation is still being installed, the number of clinical applications directing the quality of the microbiota, is growing very quickly. High impact journals, good quality clinical trials and surprising new types of potential probiotic organisms have clearly raised the interest of the medical community: applications in gastroenterology, gynecology, diabetes and obesity are only a few of the domains currently explored. The reach of probiotics, however, was anticipated to be much wider and could extend to cardiovascular, neurological and endocrinological applications. Enough material to plan a second edition in 2015!" Pr. Bruno Pot, PRI President, Institut Pasteur de Lille

"The Pharmabiotics Conference had high-level speakers with very interesting presentations.There was also a good balance between academic and industry delegates. Our company benefitted from qualified contacts with other companies, and we found the organization of the Conference itself excellent." Ms Marie-Joëlle Gaufrès, Director of Libragen

"Vizera attended the International Pharmabiotics Conference 2014 in Paris where the top issues regarding probiotics as pharmaceutical products were addressed. The conference was excellently organized and we had many opportunities to network." Karmen Svigelj, Clinical Project Manager

"The first Pharmabiotics conference has been a success all around, bringing together pharmaceutical, medical and regulatory professionals, key opinion leaders and researchers to discuss the potential use of probiotics as drug products. Recent advancements in science have been able to deepen our understanding on the key role our microbiome plays in determining several processes linked to human health. Despite the huge work conducted and the interesting findings, the general feeling is that we are simply scratching the surface of the huge potentiality bacteria may play for our health. Events as the Pharmabiotics conference help increasing the awareness on the topic and facilitate the networking among the different players in the field." Massimo Marzorati, co-founder of ProDigest and Postdoc at the University of Ghent 

"There have been in the last years solid publications on efficacy of probiotics and sometimes fecal transplantation and the discovery of major and unsuspected actions of the endogenous microbiota (owing to the breakthrough of molecular biology). Pharmaceutical companies have a renewed and strong interest in probiotics. This first pharmabiotic conference reached all my expectancies allowing professionals interested in the field to learn about and exchange on how to develop new probiotic drugs (pharmabiotics). I strongly believe that such collective efforts should allow major and practical progresses for patients." Prof. Philip Marteau, Service d’hépato-gastroentérologie Hôpital Lariboisière, AP HP